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Скачать Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx

АвторАвтор: Karolinka | ДатаДата: 24 мая 2013
Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx

Эадор - вселенная, состоящая из набора фрагментов просторов плавающих в Великом Ничто. Каждый из этих фрагментов - маленький мир, со своим ландшафтом и жителями. Для управления фрагментами идёт постоянная конкуренция между лордами - бессмертными существами, которые простые смертные называют богами. Возьмите на себя роль одного из самых могущественных лордов и определите судьбу Эадоре: лучшее, что вы можете сделать как спаситель мира и его наиболее жестокого тирана.

"Eador: Masters of the Broken World" - is a fantasy turn-based strategy in which decisions can change the world more than to win the war!


* A balanced combination of global strategy, RPG elements and turn-based tactics.
* Endless possibilities for role-play.
A huge variety of strategic acquisitions and options of war.
* An intriguing non-linear plot.
* An original fantasy world that lives its own life.
* Define your own fighting style with different weapon combinations.

Installed patches:
v 1.0.1
* Updated HUD provinces.
* Improved stability of online play.

* When you attack your own guardian player could control in battle by both sides.
* When you attack an enemy hero, precipitating the allied province receives the wrong information on the size of the enemy army.
* When you visit a particular site during the study period there were no clues province on the outcome of the battle.
* The number of combined fragments has not been updated in the statistics.
* Failure to job "Keys of the truth", which was considered fulfilled upon completion of training.
* In the virtual combat death of the last unit in the Army AI poisoning led to the escape of the game.
* The issue with the image tooltip after the capture of the fragment.
* You can not hire heroes during training.
* Stuck in a battle with a unicorn.
* The appearance of corpses from the units on the battlefield.
* Stuck in a battle with magic without restrictions.
* Correction skill "necromancy."

v 1.0.2
* Hotseat for tactical mode.
* Timer for stroke in a multiplayer game.
* Express attack animation.

v 1.0.3
* Fixed a desync during online play.
* Improved chat on the tactical map during multiplayer gaming.

* Added support for keyboard shortcuts in the astral plane, as follows:
- Key Z - opening a dialogue with Zarra.
- Key J - the opening screen of the magazine and statistics.
- Key E - end of turn.
- Key O - opening the settings screen, bypassing the main menu.
- Key Home - who went to return the camera to the split of the player.
- Enter-key opening a dialog with the selected fragment of another lord or the beginning of the attack at a selected neutral fragment.

* Added support for hot keys on the tactical map for the special abilities of heroes and units, as follows:
- Key D - the ability to "Double Shot."
- Key M - the ability to "Collect shells."
- Key H - the ability to "Cure".
- Key F - the ability to "Forced march."
- Key Y - the ability to "corpse-eating."
- Key B - the ability to "crushing blow."
- Key A - the ability to "Attacks".

* Fixed a bug with the hero paladin constantly resurrects after death.
* The list of provinces are now used instead of round icons square.
* Fixed a bug with the hero-wizard at level 10, which could cause two spells per turn.
* Fixed a bug with offset cursor when entering text.
* Fixed a crash bug in the game tactical map using the character with the skill "Lord of the Undead."
* Fixed the skills of a magician "Call" and "Necromancer". (Previously, the level of summoned creatures was 2 times higher than needed).
* Improved: added information about the classes of characters, their abilities, all the units, their characteristics and the rewards.

v 1.0.4
* Fixed problems with running the game by configuring Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in the operating system Windows.
* Added support for windowed mode.
* Added mode "hotsit" for online play.
* Added a number of achievements (not only for Steam-version) /
* Improved stability of online play.
* Slightly changed the balance in the multiplayer (the cost of some units and spells, the value of items, the cost of raising the level of heroes, etc.).
* Fixed a bug with the departure from the game after a double battle (first defenders province with the hero of the enemy, then the player with the character of the hero of the enemy).
* Fixed a bug with a strong discrepancy between the predicted results of the battle and its actual results.
* Fixed bugs with the inability to get training on the second turn, under certain conditions (when the commander and magician).
* Fixed a crash bug game in attack an enemy hero to lock the player with the protector and no garrison.
* Fixed a bug with the generation of unreachable enemies in the campaign.
* Fixed a bug with the display of the heroes among the possible defenders province in an attack on her opponent.
* Fixed a bug with the inability to perform the ritual on the hero in the desert province (and the deserts of the dead land).
* Fixed a bug with crystals player when watching a fight in the arena.
* Fixed a bug with the departure of the game in case of failure of watching a fight in the arena.
* Fixed a bug with key lock control card when choosing ritual.
* Fixed hotkeys in the tip of action, if it has been provided extensive help. Now information about the hotkeys will always be displayed immediately after the information about the action, not after an extended tip.
* Fixed hot keys for buttons to sort the list of provinces.
* Added an alternative calling abilities of the characters and units through a hotkey (by the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc.).
* Changed hotkey call capabilities, taking into account what buttons they were suspended in the first "Eadore."
* Minor changes in wording.

v 1.0.5
* Added support for screens with extension up to 768 vertically.
* The speed of animation units in combat.
* Fixed Assert and Access Violation in Win7, Vista and Win8 in windowed mode (for example, this applies to flights in the network game in windowed mode).
* Changed the calculation of parameters of the heroes, depending on the level of (online game).
* Improved stability of the network game.
* Fixed a bug when loading maps in windowed mode.
* Fixed a bug with abnormally high levels of the heroes of the opponents.
* Fixed a bug with the quest to enter into alliances.
* Fixed a possible crash when using Alt + Tab during map load.
* Fixed a bug with incorrect prediction of the results of attack because of the neglect of skill parry the target.
* Corrected balance in a multiplayer game.
* Added new illustrations for some of the action.
* Added 5 new achievements.
* Added the ability to change the lighting mode settings in the game.
* Fixed a bug with the event about the earthquake.
* Fixed a bug with the inability to bring back the province seized by demons.
* Fixed a bug with the event capturing the province of the inquisitors.
* Fixed several bugs in the attack player at quarterback in his own province.
* Fixed a bug with the death of the hero in finding a special place with the treasure, but without protection.
* Fixed a bug in the interface with the icon does not disappear in the custody of the province after their dismissal.
* Fixed a bug with hotkey for the ability to "crushing blow."
* Some changes texts.

v 1.0.6
* Improved chat in multiplayer.
* Improved display mechanism indicator on units in tactical combat.
* Fixed the option "Change lighting."
* Improved mechanism to change the animation speed units.
* Optimized display of prompts when you move the mouse cursor.
* Improved user interface to support the resolution of 768 vertical.

* Fixed problems with desync in multiplayer.
* Fixed frequent breaks between the client and the server in a network game in the battle and in the lobby.

* Added a division into two modes:
- Advanced mode when the number of points available for the fight, depending on the number of games and wins.
- Classic mode where all players allocated the same number of points (currently 1000).

* Added icons "The player is looking for the enemy," "The player is in the game," which will be shown next to the player nickname in the chat.
* Added the display of information about how many points the player has already spent on the army.
* Adjusted balance of prices of units, spells and items.

* Fixed a bug with the endless siege of the castle.
* Fixed an issue with animation Barbarian Berserker, causing the game to crash.
* Fixed a bug with the removal highlight the selected building.
* Fixed a bug with the effects of the events portal about chaos.
* Fixed bugs with the launch of fighting before the end of the conversation, for some parameters.
* Fixed a bug with the generation of locks on neutral types of terrain.
* Fixed a bug with the character under the control of the AI, not to attack the garrison of the castle of another when it was besieged.
* Fixed a delay in the display of the allocation unit that returns him to order, and hover the mouse.
* Fixed a bug with necromancy and viewing information about a hero after the battle.
* Fixed a bug with the inability to drag the item for sale.
* Fixed a bug that caused the shift calculation parameters heroes.
* Fixed a bug with the assault of enemy castle, which is not in the garrison troops.
* Fixed a bug with the capture of the provinces in which the defenders were getting under certain conditions guardians.
* Fixed a bug with the transfer of karma from the strategic map on the astral plane.
* Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when destroying a battle of the skeleton.

v 1.0.7
* Fixed a bug with the provinces needed to perform basic tasks that appear only on the ruins of the usual rules.
* Fixed a bug with the Archmage, which could cause two spells in his first move.
* Fixed a bug with the skills and parry march, does not operate on the first turn.
* Fixed a crash bug game after a diplomatic capture the province.
* Fixed a bug with spam messages about events after the purchase in the shop gargoyles.
* Fixed a bug with incorrect color display at 100% research province.
Icon of discontent now will not appear on the map if the ratio of the population to the positive power of the player.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to abuse the data exchange between the characters, and the hiring of soldiers in the garrison besieged enemy castle.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to learn spells at the siege of the enemy castle.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to learn spells from scrolls in the absence of the library.
* Fixed a bug with health bar of a dragon and hydra at 1 ochke health (in this case, the indicator on the map showing that the health of an enemy unit at the maximum).
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to call creatures from eggs with preservation of the egg.
* Removed the ability to summon creatures from the eggs out of the garrison.
* Fixed a bug with icons not available for hiring guards who displayed incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to build in the early course of the planned construction at the siege of the castle player.
* Fixed a bug with the desync in multiplayer mode when using spells or abilities appeal, calling the soldiers.
* Added center button on the wheel blocks in the construction, when pushed, it puts the camera in the general view of the city.
* At a crowded backpack found at the player scrolls the rituals, contracts with the guards and drawings of buildings will no longer be displayed as a thing, and they can not be put into his inventory.
* Fixed bug with player portraits in the teaching of statistics.
* Fixed a bug where the choice of construction in the neighborhood allies, the camera moves in the city to the forest block.
* Fixed a bug with repeated rebellion in the province after its capture.
* Fixed a bug with the lack of opportunity to place troops in hot sieve or a network game after starting the training and exit.
* Fixed a bug where improvements in the units on the strategic map (as a result avtoboya or ritual "Fight with illusions") being shown a description of the improvements.
* Fixed a crash bug games after using an enemy corpse-eating slug.
* Fixed a bug with the continuation of the fight against dialogue with the victory on morality.
* Fixed a crash bug when using a double shot and the death of the enemy from the first projectile.
* Fixed problem with missing window select the second specialization at higher levels through the study province.
* Fixed a crash bug when setting enabled avtoboya and consistent implementation of two different armies fighting against the player.
* Fixed a bug with lighting adjacent hexes as impenetrable when using the forced march.
* Fixed a crash bug when setting enabled avtoboya after a battle with an enemy army and the rejection of the next battle.

v 1.0.8
* The optimization of the code responsible for the calculation of stroke, which should reduce the time that the AI ??spends his move.
* Improved support for scalable windows interface.
* The provinces are now under the control of the AI ??as well as the player will be various events.
* Slightly changed the minimum distance from the camera on the strategic map, it can now be lowered even further.
* Improved algorithm for the construction of AI.

* Fixed a bug with too slow return of a dead body for the resurrection of the hero in his native province.
* Fixed a bug with incorrect calculation of the level of heroes under the control of the AI ??(when in some situations, they rocked faster location).
* Fixed AI sometimes knowingly enters into a hopeless battle.
* Fixed an AI that can sometimes exceed the limit of construction of buildings (and build five military buildings instead of a maximum of 4).
* Fixed an AI that sometimes spending too much money on hiring mercenaries.
* Fixed a bug in the building when the choice of a group of buildings (Altar of Peace / War) lights built another group.
* Fixed a bug with receiving achieve "Revolution!".
* Fixed bug with failure to cancel the selection unit and detach it from the cursor icon in the interface of the garrison, which led to the inability to get out of the window of the garrison, and hang the game.
* Fixed erroneous information in the tooltip of the buttons in the bottom of the interface of the citadel.
* Fixed a bug in the interface when using the tactical map spells.
* Fixed a bug with a medal issued by the victory on the ruins of all the provinces to seize on it.
* Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the availability of the third construction allies lyudoyascherov.

Features Repack'a:
- It is based on license from 1C-SoftKlab -
* Audio quality 100%
* Video quality is 100%
* Exclusive installer
* Installation of additional Soft'a (DirectX, Visual C + +, NET Framework)
* All the way registry maintained
* Start the game through the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
* Start the launcher via a shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
* Start the settings through a shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
* Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
* Approximate install time 1 minute (s, s)
* V 1.0.1
* V 1.0.2
* V 1.0.3
* V 1.0.4
* V 1.0.5
* V 1.0.6
* V 1.0.7
* V 1.0.8
* Game archives are not touched
* Manual saved by Russian
* Manual saved in English
* It is based on a licensed copy of the game from 1C-SoftKlab, an update on Steam on 23.05.2013
* -----
Author Repack'a:
* Fenixx

Updates Repack'a:
* Game updated to version 1.0.1.

* Game updated to version 1.0.5.

* Game updated to version 1.0.8.

System requirements:
Operating System: XP SP3 Vista SP2, 7 SP1
Processor: Pentium - 2,0 GHz or Athlon 2000 + \ Core 2 Duo - 1,6 GHz or Athlon 3000 +
RAM: 512 MB \ 2048 MB
Free hard disk space: 1921 MB
Video card: GeForce 7300 or Radeon 9200, (DirectX 9) \ GeForce 8800 or Radeon X1900, (DirectX 9)
File System: FAT, NTFS
Important: Before installing disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx

Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx
Year: 2013 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Unicorn Games Studio, Snowbird Studio | Publisher: Snowbird Games | 641 MB
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based) / 3D / Indi

Скачать Eador Masters Of The Broken World 1.0.8 2013 MULTi2 Repack by Fenixx


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