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Раздел: Программы

Скачать Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)

АвторАвтор: vetall47 | ДатаДата: 3 февраля 2014
Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)

Dragonframe (в прошлом 'Dragon Stop Motion') представляет собой решение для покадровой анимации (stop-motion), разработанное профессиональными аниматорами — для профессиональных аниматоров. Данное решение создавалось как дополнение к профессиональной анимации. Новые возможности третьей версии Dragonframe включают визуальный редактор временной шкалы, интегрированную синхронизацию движений губ, усовершенствованное управление освещением посредством протокола DMX512 (или DMX), управление движением камеры и многие другие.

Информация о программе
Название программы: Dragonframe
Версия: 3.5.4
Сайт разработчика: http://www.dragonframe.com
Язык интерфейса: английский

Системные требования:
Windows XP (32 bit only)
Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
QuickTime 7.2 or newer включен в раздачу но можно скачать самому новую.
1.33 GHz CPU
A supported camera
Оперативная память чем больше тем лучше (программа на Java)

Доп. информация
Dragonframe (formerly 'Dragon Stop Motion') is a stop-motion solution created by professional animators — for professional animators. It's designed to complement how the pros animate. The next generation image capture system for stop motion animation. New features Dragonframe 3 include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip-sync, advanced DMX lighting, motion control and much more.

Новые возможности Dragonframe 3
• Tabbed Workspaces. Navigate through multiple Dragonframe workspaces within one window, or detach a workspace for dual monitor support.
• Docked X-Sheet. Dock the highly configurable X-Sheet within the Animation workspace for easy viewing.
• Vector-Based Drawing Tools. Draw lines, ticks, shapes and free form. Then select drawing objects to scale or rotate them. Use the increment editor to visualize movement along a path over time.
• Lipsync. Import a face set library and create a perfect track reading in our revamped audio workspace.
• Visual Timeline. View thumbnails and edit your sequence directly in the new timeline, which is part of the Animation workspace. You can quickly pull holds to adjust timing for pop-through tests.
• DMX. Improved keyframe editing and visualization in Dragonframe 3. Create custom lighting programs per exposure.
• Arc Motion Control. Set up multiples axes, jog motors, set keyframes and run move tests. Currently interfaces with the IOTA Controller and Arduino boards.
• Video Assist Levels. Adjust video assist levels to compensate for low-light situations.
• Portrait Image Orientation. Switch to portrait orientation for still photography.
• Floating License Server. For schools and large organizations, configure Dragonframe to use a floating license server.
• Linked Exposures. Link two or more exposures together so their settings stay in sync.
• Template Scene. Configure a template scene to base all new scenes on. Useful for large productions with lots of common settings on every project.
Dragonframe 3.5.4
General : Added Nikon D610 support.
General : Fixed update check reporting on program startup.
General : Print to PDF if no real printer connected.
General : Fixed action script on Windows.
General : Added SAVE, EDIT actions to action script.
General : Added file# to x-sheet export.
Ani : Fixed aspect ratio mask resetting to custom setting.
Ani : Fixed Animation workspace getting closed.
Ani : Fixed Conform All conforming initial take.
Ani : Improved handling of capture attempt while already capturing.
Ani : Fixed undo with shoot multiple frames.
Ani : Fixed playback out frame.
Ani : Fixed timeline jumping after doing a hold.
Audio : Fixed program crashing when playing sounds.
Audio : Fixed handling when default audio device changes.
Audio : Fixed audio change repaint in dmx, timeline, x-sheet.
Audio : Fixed popping in imported audio.
Export : Fixed Window mp4 export memory leak and subsequent crashes.
Export : Fixed audio out point for movie exports.
Export : Fixed crash during movie export after write error.
Cine : Fixed live view orientation after clicking on test shot.
Cine : Fixed aspect mask opacity slider when switching takes.
Arc : Fixed DMC firmware update timing, waiting for it to finish properly.
Arc : Configure moco devices after importing scene settings.
Arc : Fixed arc select axis before first and after last keyframe.
Arc : Fixed selecting and deleting targets.
Arc : Fixed negative scaled moves.
Arc : Implement IOTA controller limits for jogging and inching.
Dmx : Fixed negative keyframes.

изменения в предыдущих версиях
Dragonframe 3.5.3
Fixed Intel GMA performance issues.
Fixed Canon focus lockup on MacPro.
Only allow one instance of application at once.
Animation : Fixed live view magnification issues with portrait mode.
Animation : Fixed crash with drawing layer.
Animation : Fixed timeline jumping with "frame numbering on twos".
Animation : Fixed drawing layer not properly loading in when switching takes.
Cinematography : Fixed image info focal length display.
Cinematography : Fixed color temperature not showing up in image info.
Cinematography : Save/restore stereo caliper width and push-in choices.
Cinematography : Fixed Cinematography workspace going all gray.
Cinematography : Fixed Cinematography test shot thumbnails randomly scrolling around.
Cinematography : Fixed IO image information going offscreen.
Cinematography : After test shot is loaded, scroll to it.
Cinematography : Fixed right-click in test shots selecting item first.
Arc : Fixed slow test shot after motion control disconnect.
Arc : Fixed jumping to last playback frame.
Arc : Fixed jogging startup and improved performance.
Arc : Clear 3D IO calculation after deleting keyframes.
Arc : Fixed some jogging issues.
Arc : Do not require rollback when getting in position for jogging.
DMX : Fixed DMX program disappearing from DMX tree view after rearranging exposures.
DMX : Fixed DMX lights coming back up after computer wakes from sleep.
Potential fix for Windows mp4 export related crashes.
Fixed camera test crashing when camera disconnects mid-test.
Fixed some OpenGL initialization issues.
Fixed issues with updating start and end frames.
Dragonframe 3.5.2
Added Canon EOS 70D support.
Fixed timeline jumping to a different section.
Fixed bug that crashes/freezes program on switch to cinematography workspace.
Arc real time playback warning adjusted by playback rate.
Fixed Arc max live jog speed calculation.
Fixed Arc jog all slider not returning to center after jogging to start or end.
Disabled scroll wheel updating camera settings.
Improved line-up layer and playback performance.
Fixed animation palette and NavLine not showing up when entering animation workspace.
Fixed capture blackout. It was happening before video assist.
Fixed drawing vertical and horizontal hatches turning into crosshatches.
Fixed Composition Guides showing up offscreen.
Fixed Manage Takes dialog not updating Delete button properly.
Fixed poor quality of Arc move test exported movie.
Fixed potential crash with shoot multiple frames.
Fixed multi-frame onionskin update issue.
Fixed Arc keyframe selection indicator being off by one pixel sometimes.
Fixed "step by holds" with hidden frames.
Step by Holds is separate option in Capture menu.
Stepping through timeline scrolls timeline if needed.
Fixed crash with Auxiliary Monitor with no video source.
Fixed arc "Upload Move" to DMC-16 after scaling or importing move.
Fixed arc jog all buttons not working.
Fixed arc live view turning on when live key pressed.
Fixed image metadata not showing up when space was in file path (Windows).
Dragonframe 3.5.1
Fixed timeline corruption when shooting multiples as a virtual hold after hidden frames.
Shoot multiple popup now has checkbox for shooting as a virtual hold.
Fixed crash with Export Still Image.
Fixed Canon EOS 1100D live view size.
Fixed Nikon D5100 live view auto shutoff.
Fixed portrait mode view in DMX and Arc workspaces.
Fixed live view status in Cinematography workspace.
Windows : Fixed HDV artifacts.
Fixed losing DMX program by deleting or reordering exposures.
Video compression quality setting is now saved across scenes.
Fixed auxiliary monitor on Retina display.
Movie export shows file size and approximate bitrate.
Windows : Fixed .mp4 (h.264) export creating empty file.
Windows : Fixed colored folders not appearing.
Fixed timeline issues after frame 1024.
Fixed floating license support.
Fixed jogpad keyboard focus issues.
Mac : Fixed file dialog freeze for Folder Watching (OS X 10.6.8 only)
Mac : Fixed incorrect reporting of crash when quitting application from Dock.
Fixed crash with QuickTime reference movie.
Fixed crash when cropping audio past end of track.
Fixed crash when changing camera settings with popup box in Cinematography.
Fixed ProRes color mismatch.
Improved Conform progress bar accuracy.
Audio lip-sync : Fixed copy/paste dialog/phonetics into another track/scene.
Audio lip-sync : Fixed dialog/phonetics doing insert into of overwrite.
Audio lip-sync : Fixed deleting text, having to click away.
Audio lip-sync : Improved dialog/phonetics editing speed.
Animation : Fixed onionskin slider to left of center.
DMX : Fixed program name not showing up on Retina displays.
Camera : Fixed Nikon camera tests failing when they should have succeeded.
Mac : Fixed crash when pressing '0' on numeric keypad when numlock not on.
Fixed crash when opening scene through Finder while program was in modal dialog.
Dragonframe 3.5.0
New Features for this Version
Dragonframe 3.5 is a complete rewrite of the software in C++, replacing
the Java version we have supported up until now. Overall it provides
improved performance with better resource (RAM/CPU) usage.
Important Changes
We have dropped support for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard).
We have dropped support for Canon PowerShot and Olympus cameras.
New Features and Improvements
Faster loading of your project-frames are no longer loaded into RAM.
No memory bar to constrain playback. You can play entire sequence of frames.
Faster Live View rate (up to 30 FPS with Canon) with lower CPU usage.
Improved Nikon and Canon connectivity.
Major rework of frame hiding.
Handles more audio file formats (wav, aac, aif, mp3).
Retina (HI-DPI) assets on Mac.
Mac Lion and Mountain Lion fullscreen support.
Better line-up layer performance (no waiting for frames to load in).
Simplified movie export options, with support for mp4 (H.264/ AAC) and Windows movie types (.avi).
QuickTime not required on Windows.
Webcam focus control (some Logitech models) with Arc programmability.
Blackmagic capture device direct integration.
Support for new camera models:
Canon EOS 100D / EOS Digital Rebel SL1 / EOS Kiss X7
Canon EOS 700D / EOS Digital Rebel T5i / EOS Kiss X7i
Nikon D5200
Nikon D7100
Support for DMC-16 and real-time motion control.
Motion control "move-shoot" mode and ability to send moco to different frames while animating.
Dragonframe 3.0.8
Support for Canon EOS 6D.
Dragonframe 3.0.6
Support for Nikon D600.
Dragonframe 3.0.5
Support for Canon EOS 650D / Digital Rebel T4i.
Dragonframe 3.0.4
Support for Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 1D X, and Canon 60Da.
Support for Nikon D4, Nikon D800, and Nikon D800e.
Improved support for Mark Roberts S3 Stereoscopic Slider.
Dragonframe 3.0.3
Webcam control for white-balance, exposure and focus when available.
Fix Canon RAW processing issue.
Improve conform reliability.
User guide updates.
Fix startup issue with Chinese version.
Improved DFMoco sketch for Arduino, chipKIT and Maple boards.
Prompt user to zero all motors when quitting.

Как лечить
1. Запускаем и инсталируем Dragonframe_3.5.4-Setup.exe не запускаем!
2. Запускаем файл LicenseCopy.bat из папки Fix.
3. Проверяется C:\ProgramData\DZED\Dragonframe чтобы убедиться что com.dzed.Dragonframe-License.properties был скопирован и находиться в этой папке.
4. Из папки Fix скопировать Dragonframe.exe и переписал оригинальный файл в папке С:\Program Files\DZED\Dragonframe (для 32 битный систем) и C:\Program Files (x86)\DZED\Dragonframe (для 64 битный систем)
5. Все! Запускаем.

Если LicenseCopy.bat не сработал, копируем сгенирированный файл лицензии в:
C:\ProgramData\DZED\Dragonframe\ (для Windows Vista/7/8)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DZED\Dragonframe (для Windows XP)

О файле:
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 49,04 Мб

Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)

Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)

Скачать: "Dragonframe 3.5.4 (2014)"


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