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Раздел: Программы

Скачать Uranium Backup 8.9.5 Build 5200 + Portable

АвторАвтор: go19021984 | ДатаДата: 28 июля 2014
Uranium Backup 8.9.5 Build 5200 + Portable

Uranium Backup – мощный инструмент для создания резервных копий ваших данных. Главной характеристикой является совместимость с большим количеством медиа форматов. Uranium Backup - программа для надежного резервирования наиболее ценных данных.

Uranium Backup может автоматически или вручную делать резервное копирование информации. Бесплатная версия имеет ряд ограничений по сравнению с профессиональной. Но самые простые опции резервного копирования доступны и для бесплатной версии.

Uranium Backup is a powerful and complete backup software: Tape, DVD, FTP, SQL Server, Zip, Synchornization. Uranium Backup is a software that can be used to make backup copies, synchronization, network transfers, zip compressions, CD and DVD writing, database backup and tape backup.

Uranium Backup was created to be one of the most complete solutions when it comes to backup and transfer of folders and files to multiple destinations. Uranium can in fact copy files and folders from and to USB mass storage devices, external Hard Disk, NAS Server, iOmega REV Drive, network computers, etc.

It can make TAPE backup, Database backup, FTP and SFTP transfers, CD or DVD writing, sending of e-mails with encrypted attachments, ZIP archives and ISO images creation, and a lot of other things.

Here are some key features of "Uranium Backup":

Direct copy and file delivery:
· with this function Uranium can copy (without any data compression or modification) an unlimited number of files and/or folders to local computer, across the network, to external Firewire/SATA/USB hard drives, USB pen drives, iOmega REV drives, RDX drives, NAS servers, etc...

Synchronization / Mirroring:
· for each single folder to copy, it is possible to choose if erase in the destination folders that files and folders no more existing in the source folders. This option allows to maintain two or more folders perfectly synchronized (identical), and so to avoid the continuous growth of destination folders. This option can be used for an unlimited number of destinations.

Unlimited destinations:
· for each backup procedure it is possible to add an unlimited number of destinations. So no problem if for example we want to deliver some files to all computers in a network.

Copy of NTFS permissions:
· with files and folders, Uranium is able to copy also their NTFS security attributes, like groups, users and permissions. It is also possible to synchronize security attributes between source and destination, even if files are not copied.

Creation of customized folders:
· when we copy files and folders to a destination we can choose a customized name for the backup folder, for example the weekday name, the number of the day in the month, a special name, the name of the current windows user, etc... So in this way we can make differed and prefectly neat backups.

Unicode support:
· Uranium is able to copy files and folders with unicode characters in their names (for example: chinese, greek, hebrew, etc...) and to copy files with a path longer than 255 characters.

Copy of loked files:
· on Windows XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008 and 7 Uranium is able to copy any open/locked/system file using the Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS).

· the .zip files created by Uranium are fully standard compliant and so they can be opened with any other archive utility, like WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip, IZArc, etc...

Safety and Privacy:
· two safety measures for data protection in the zip files: the classic zip password and/or the strong AES 256 bit encryption, the current safety standard in the world.

No size limitation:
· Zip 64 format support (64-bit extended format). Uranium is able to overcome limitations of the classic zip format (max 4 GB and 65535 files) and to create virtually unlimited size archives.

Incremental zip compression/synchronization:
· For each destination, user can choose if compress files and folders in a unique incremental zip file, where files will be updated by each new backup. User can also choose if delete from the zip file that files no more existing in the source folders. To all intents and purposes a synchronization with integrated compression.

Maintain old backups:
· Uranium can create new zip file at every backup procedure, maintaining a pre-established number of files. Older zip files will be overwritten in rotation depending on the creation date.

Compression of files individually:
· instead of create an unique zip file containing the entire backup, with Uranium the user can choose to compress each file individually. In the destination folder we will find the same folder structure of the source folder with each file zipped.

Compression of locked files:
· on Windows XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008 and 7 Uranium is able to compress any open/locked/system file using the Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS).

Unicode support:
· Uranium is able to compress files and folders with unicode characters in their names (for example: chinese, greek, hebrew, etc...).

No service interruption:
· the backup can be made also if the database server is running. The program does not affect server or client performances, because it requires minimal resources.

Totally independent / No pre-requisites:
· it does not require the installation of SQL Server client components (Enterprise Manager - Management Studio). It can perform the backup from any computer in the network without any pre-requisites.

Integrated zip compression:
· automatic zip compression of the backup files.

Native "on-the-fly" compression:
· on SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Uranium is able to create the backup file to disk already in compressed format. This compression is done in memory and therefore it increases speed and disk space saving.

AES 256 bit encryption:
· strong encryption of the zipped backup files.

Any destination:
· automatic copy and/or synchronization of the backup files to multiple destinations, like TAPE (only in the Gold version), DVD/Blu-Ray (only in the Gold version), LAN, FTP, etc....

Unlimited servers and unlimited databases:
· it is possible to configure and schedule the backup of an unlimited number of servers and databases.

Inclusion and Exclusion filters:
· when you make a backup of all databases you can set a filter (also based on the database names), which allows you to include or exclude some databases.

Full compatibility:
· Uranium creates backup files in fully standard compliant format, and so you can restore these files also with Microsoft tools, like Enterprise Manager / Management Studio. No proprietary format and the certainty to have always compatible backups.

Local / network / remote servers:
· with Uranium you can perform the backup regardless of the server location. The program can be installed on any computer, from which it can perform the backup of a database server in another network computer or in a remote internet location.

Backup verification:
· automatic verification of backup files, to be always sure to avoid corrupted backups.

Manual and automatic restore:
· it is possible to manually restore a database, or to set an unlimited number of automatic restore tasks. Restore on databases different from source databases and on new databases.

Активация|рег код: freeware
Язык Интерфейса: EN
Платформа/ОС: Windows
Размер: 16.6/17.4 Mb

Uranium Backup 8.9.5 Build 5200

Uranium Backup 8.9.5 Build 5200 Portable

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