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Скачать Foreigner - The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums - 7CD-Box (2014) [FLAC]

АвторАвтор: gorodoksmol | ДатаДата: 3 ноября 2014
Foreigner - The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums - 7CD-Box (2014) [FLAC]

Label: Warner Music / Rhino Records - 8122795829-9
Format: 7 x CD, Box Set, Albums, Reissue, FLAC
Country: Europe
Released: October 2014
Genre: Rock
Size: 2.42 GB

Album Listing

Foreigner (1977)
Double Vision (1978)
Head Games (1979)
4 (1981)
Agent Provocateur (1984)
Inside Information (1987)
Unusual Heat (1991)


CD1: Foreigner (1977)

01. Feels Like The First Time [0:03:53.45]
02. Cold As Ice [0:03:23.65]
03. Starrider [0:04:03.32]
04. Headknocker [0:03:05.25]
05. The Damage Is Done [0:04:19.30]
06. Long, Long Way From Home [0:02:55.33]
07. Woman Oh Woman [0:03:53.00]
08. At War With The World [0:04:26.40]
09. Fool For You Anyway [0:04:17.22]
10. I Need You [0:05:18.18]

11. Feels Like The First Time (Demo) [0:03:40.20]
12. Woman Oh Woman (Demo) [0:04:14.40]
13. At War With The World (Demo) [0:05:00.30]
14. Take Me To Your Leader (Demo) [0:03:40.17]

CD2: Double Vision (1978)

01. Hot Blooded [0:04:28.52]
02. Blue Morning, Blue Day [0:03:12.73]
03. You're All I Am [0:03:24.60]
04. Back Where You Belong [0:03:15.55]
05. Love Has Taken Its Toll [0:03:31.52]
06. Double Vision [0:03:44.40]
07. Tramontane (Instrumental) [0:03:56.23]
08. I Have Waited So Long [0:04:07.00]
09. Lonely Children [0:03:37.12]
10. Spellbinder [0:04:55.45]

11. Hot Blooded (Live) [0:06:57.58]
12. Love Maker (Live) [0:06:48.72]

CD 3 - Head Games (1979)

01. Dirty White Boy [0:03:38.55]
02. Love On The Telephone [0:03:17.55]
03. Women [0:03:24.32]
04. I'll Get Even With You [0:03:39.48]
05. Seventeen [0:04:35.15]
06. Head Games [0:03:37.52]
07. The Modern Day [0:03:26.05]
08. Blinded By Science [0:04:55.55]
09. Do What You Like [0:03:58.60]
10. Rev On The Red Line [0:03:41.60]

11. Zalia [0:02:34.33]

CD4 - 4 (1981)

01. Night Life (2002 Remaster) [0:03:50.07]
02. Juke Box Hero (2002 Remaster) [0:04:19.60]
03. Break It Up (2002 Remaster) [0:04:13.48]
04. Waiting For A Girl Like You (2002 Remaster) [0:04:52.05]
05. Luanne (2002 Remaster) [0:03:27.37]
06. Urgent (2002 Remaster) [0:04:31.15]
07. I'm Gonna Win (2002 Remaster) [0:04:52.73]
08. Woman In Black (2002 Remaster) [0:04:46.22]
09. Girl On The Moon (2002 Remaster) [0:03:52.60]
10. Don't Let Go (2002 Remaster) [0:03:57.73]

11. Juke Box Hero (Nearly Unplugged Version) [0:03:06.57]
12. Waiting For A Girl Like You (Nearly Unplugged Version) [0:02:50.63]

CD 5 - Agent Provocateur (1984)

01. Tooth And Nail [0:03:55.52]
02. That Was Yesterday [0:03:49.08]
03. I Want To Know What Love Is [0:05:06.07]
04. Growing Up The Hard Way [0:04:13.65]
05. Reaction To Action [0:04:01.68]
06. Stranger In My Own House [0:05:04.72]
07. A Love In Vain [0:04:31.03]
08. Down On Love [0:04:12.02]
09. Two Different Worlds [0:04:31.63]
10. She's Too Tough [0:03:10.47]

CD6 - Inside Information (1987)

01. Heart Turns To Stone [0:04:34.30]
02. Can't Wait [0:04:31.27]
03. Say You Will [0:04:14.68]
04. I Don't Want To Live Without You [0:04:56.07]
05. Counting Every Minute [0:04:12.03]
06. Inside Information [0:04:12.35]
07. The Beat Of My Heart [0:05:12.50]
08. Face To Face [0:03:56.20]
09. Out Of The Blue [0:04:44.27]
10. A Night To Remember [0:04:08.50]

CD7 - Unusual Heat (1991)

01. Only Heaven Knows [0:04:49.50]
02. Lowdown And Dirty [0:04:22.00]
03. I'll Fight For You [0:06:03.35]
04. Moment Of Truth [0:04:26.20]
05. Mountain Of Love [0:04:38.68]
06. Ready For The Rain [0:05:03.40]
07. When The Night Comes Down [0:04:45.00]
08. Safe In My Heart [0:04:33.37]
09. No Hiding Place [0:03:57.25]
10. Flesh Wound [0:04:17.38]
11. Unusual Heat [0:04:32.52]

Editorial Notes

Foreigner achieved massive success on a global scale during the Seventies and Eighties thanks to a long list of hit singles and sold-out tours. Today, the group's sales exceed 80 million records, a figure that places Foreigner among the best-selling bands of all time. Their classic songs continue to resonate with fans in the modern era, having just recently received RIAA gold and platinum awards for digital sales on six of their iconic rock anthems.

Rhino celebrates the band's prolific tenure with Atlantic Records with a seven-disc collection that brings together Foreigner's first seven studio albums, as well as a number of bonus tracks.

Presented in a clamshell box, the collection retraces the group's history at Atlantic Records between 1977 and 1991 and features 80 tracks, including nine Top 10 hits. The set includes: Foreigner (1977), Double Vision (1978), Head Games (1979), 4 (1981), Agent Provocateur (1984), Inside Information (1987) and Unusual Heat (1991).

The remarkable number of instantly recognizable Top 40 hits included in this set is truly impressive and a reminder of why Foreigner has sold so many records: "Feels Like the First Time" and "Cold As Ice" from the band s 5x-platinum self-titled debut; "Hot Blooded" from the 6x-platinum Double Vision; "Dirty White Boy" from the 5x-platinum Head Games; "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and "Urgent" from the 6x-platinum 4; "I Want To Know What Love Is" from the 3x-platinum Agent Provocateur; and "Say You Will" and "I Don t Want To Live Without You" from the platinum Inside Information.

Beyond the studio albums, The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums 1977-1991 also features every bonus track from the 2002 deluxe editions of the band s first four albums. Among the many standouts are the demo of "Feels Like The First Time," a live version of "Hot Blooded," and a "nearly unplugged" version of "Waiting For A Girl Like You."

Скачать Foreigner - The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums - 7CD-Box (2014) [FLAC]


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